Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Computer Simulation of Columbian Exposition

Hi Bloggers! (I finally decided on that salutation.)

Our graphic designer and artist - Lillian Davenport-Partac - is currently in Milan, Italy. She is discussing a possible commission for a water museum being planned.

With travel and expenses paid for, Lillian is enjoying nine delicious days (and nights) in northern Italy while we are awaiting spring arriving at least in July in Chicago. We will share her experiences with you later.

Meanwhile, my wife Retta, my daughter Katherine, and I attended a computer simulation of the Columbian Exposition of 1893 created by professor Lisa Snyder, PhD at UCLA, part of the Urban Simulation Team at the Museum of Science and Industry. It was one of the original buildings at the fair. Because it held art works from around the world, the building was reinforced with cement and steel for insurance purposes. The other buildings used staff (hemp, plaster etc.) with a shelf life of only six months.

A virtual tour in a gondola through out it many canals guided an audience of several hundred on a movie-sized screen. Tim Samuelson longtime television reporter and cultural historian, City of Chicago provided the wise - cracking rule of tour guide.

After my own researching writing and rewriting Trapped on the Wheel for fourteen years, it was a dream come true. However, I felt guilty enjoying the experience because my wife and daughter were parking our car and battling the hordes of children on a free day. Later, they told me they missed only ten minutes of the hour and a half presentation.

Most of the White City was completed. The proessor's next step is the fun part: the Midway Plaissance. I wonder if she will provide an animated simulation of the belly dancers.

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